Thursday, January 12, 2006

TV Shows By Title 

-Harm's Way (1/14/04)
-Soul Purpose (1/21/04)
-Damage (1/28/04)
-You're Welcome (2/4/04)
-Why We Fight / 1943 (2/11/04)
-A Hole In the World (2/25/04)
-Shells (3/3/04)
-Not Fade Away (5/19/04)
-Angel: Live Fast, Never Die (news item: CD release - 6/14/05)

Boston Legal
-Boston Legal + Candice Bergen = Even Better (news story 12/2/04)
-Michelle Rodriguez, Castaway (new story - includes Boston Legal season 2 casting - 6/14/05)

-Prince Charmed (1/18/04)
-The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell (2/8/04)
-I Dream of Phoebe (2/15/04)
-Midnight Rendezvous (2/22/04)
-Renewed Hope for Charmed (Charisma Carpenter Season 7 guest star)
-A Call to Arms (Season 7 opener: 9/12/04)
-The Bare Witch Project (9/19/04)
-Cheaper by the Coven (9/26/04)
-Charrrmed! (10/3/04)
-Styx Feet Under (10/10/04)

Commander In Chief
-Rubie Dubidoux and the Brown Bound Express (11/15/05)

Four Months Later (9/24/07)

Joan of Arcadia

-Jump (1/9/04)
-Recreation (1/16/04)
-State of Grace (2/6/04)
-Night Without Stars (2/13/04)
-The Ties That Bind (2/20/04)
-Requiem For a Third Grade Ashtray (3/12/04)
-Only Connect (Season 2 opener: 9/24/04)
-Out of Sight (10/1/04)
-Back to the Garden (10/8/04)
-The Cat (10/15/04)
-The Book of Questions (11/26/04)
-Dive (12/10/04)
-Queen of the Zombies (1/14/05)
-Independence Day (2/18/05)
-CBS Gives Joan the God Wave (cancellation notice - 5/18/05)

L Word, The
-Losing It (2/22/04)
-L'Ennui (2/29/04)
-Listen Up (3/7/04)
-Luck, Next Time (3/14/04)
-Liberally (3/21/04)
-Looking Back (3/28/04)
-Locked Up (4/4/04)
-Limb from Limb (4/11/04)
-Life, Loss and Leaving (2/20/05)
-Lap Dance (2/27/05)
-Loneliest Number (3/6/05)
-Lynch Pin (3/13/05)
-Labyrinth (3/20/05)
-Lagrimas de Oro (3/28/05)
-Luminous (4/3/05)
-Loyal (4/10/05)
-Late, Later, Latent (4/17/05)

--Season Three
-Labia Majora (1/8/06)

-Pilot: Part I (9/22/04)
-Pilot: Part II (9/29/04)
-All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (12/8/04)
-Whatever the Case May Be (1/5/05)
-Hearts and Minds (1/12/05)
-Special (1/19/05)
-Homecoming (2/9/05)
-Outlaws (2/18/05)
-In Translation (2/23/05)
-Deus Ex Machina (3/30/05)
-Do No Harm (4/6/05)
-Exodus (1) (5/18/05)
-Michelle Rodriguez, Castaway (new story on season 2 casting 6/14/05)

---Season Two
-23rd Psalm, The (1/11/06)

Queer as Folk
-Full Circle (6/24/01 - Season 1 Finale)

Star Trek
-Where No Man Has Gone Before (9/22/66)

Star Trek: Enterprise
-Proving Ground (1/21/04)
-Stratagem (2/4/04)
-Harbinger (2/11/04)
-Doctor's Orders (2/18/04)
-Azati Prime (3/3/04)
-Season 4 Renewal
-Daedalus (1/14/05)
-Cancellation Notice (2/2/05)

Tru Calling
-Closure (1/8/04)
-Murder In The Morgue (1/15/04)
-Reunion (1/22/04)
-The Longest Day (2/5/04)
-Valentine (2/13/04)
-Drop Dead Gorgeous (3/17/04)
-Daddy's Girl (4/24/04)
-The Getaway & Two Pair (4/1/04 and 4/8/04)
-Renewed for Season Two
-Espenson Joins Tru Calling Team
-Tru Calling Delayed, Episodes Reduced
-Tru Calling Returns!

-Wax Lion (3/12/04)
-Karma Chameleon (3/19/04)
-Wound-Up Penguin (3/26/04)
-Pink Flamingos (4/1/04) - Farewell, Wonderfalls...
-Outstanding New Program nomination
-Wonderfalls DVD - Official Date
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Friday, January 06, 2006

Movies By Title 

13 Going On 30
21 Grams
Alexander (prerelease)
-Greek Lawyers Won't Sue to Censor Alexander (news item)
American President, The
Aviator, The
Best of Youth (pre-viewing)
Bloodrayne (release day hype)
--BloodRayne: The Movie (prerelease)
Bourne Supremacy, The
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Brokeback Mountain
Connie and Carla
Cold Mountain
Christmas With the Kranks
Family Stone, The
Finding Neverland
Flight Plan (prerelease)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (prerelease)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (prerelease)
Incredibles, The
Interpreter, The
Iron-Jawed Angels
Jersey Girl
Kill Bill, Vol. 2
Last Samurai, The
Librarian: Quest for the Spear, The
--Librarian: Quest for the Spear, The (prerelease - TV)
Lost In Translation
Manchurian Candidate, The
Mango Kiss
March of the Penguins
Maria Full of Grace
Mean Girls
Memories of Shadows, The (preproduction)
Million Dollar Baby
Mona Lisa Smile
--Selby Wall? Doesn't Exist.
Mulholland Drive
Napoleon Dynamite
Phantom of the Opera, The
Prince and Me, The
Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement
Ring, The
Rumor Has It..., The (prerelease)
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (prerelease)
Serenity (prerelease)
--No Serenity Until Next Fall (prerelease)
--Serenity Comics as Movie Prequel (prerelease)
Shark Tales
Shall We Dance
Sin City (prerelease)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
--Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (prerelease)
--Release Delayed to 9/17
--Sky Captain Soundtrack Available
--Sky Captain DVD Coming 1/25/05
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Undiscovered (note on bad reviews)
Vanity Fair
Village, The
Welcome to Mooseport
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Women, The (prerelease)
Wonder Woman (preproduction)
--Time Setting (preproduction)
Wrong Turn
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